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What Can You Do to Prevent Fires in Your Hoffman Estates Home?

hoffman estates house fire

Fires are one of the most destructive issues that can occur in your home. But most unavoidable? Hardly. While you may not be able to absolutely snuff out the chance that a fire could break out in your home, you can greatly reduce that likelihood by sticking to a few simple pieces of advice for fire safety:

Be Careful in the Kitchen

  • Don't leave hot pans unattended
  • Always be sure to turn the oven off
  • Be mindful of where you place flammable items -- NEVER ON THE STOVE
  • Keep a fire extinguisher ready
  • NEVER throw water on a grease fire

Keep Your Wiring in Good Condition

Stay mindful of signs that your wiring needs to be looked at by a licensed professional:

  • Your lights flicker when you turn on certain appliances
  • There's a burning smell in your home
  • Your breakers flip regularly
  • You're using more amps than your grid can handle
  • You don't have an up-to-date surge protector

Be Careful When You Heat Your Home

When winter rolls around, it's necessary to be mindful of the ways you keep your home warm. If you use a radiator, fireplace, or space heater, you need to take extra care to ensure that you're using them safely:

  • Don't leave them running overnight if you can help it
  • Always remain present with them
  • Don't use extension cords for your heaters
  • Don't drape blankets over a heater
  • Don't keep anything flammable near your heater

Get a Dependable Insurance Claim Adjuster after a House Fire

Should a fire still affect your Hoffman Estates home, you'll need to get a dedicated and qualified insurance adjuster to get you the money you need to rectify the fire damages and get your life back on track.

If you are looking for a professional public insurance adjuster, please call 630-912-2601 or complete our

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